Wednesday, March 06, 2013


recently at -- and about -- SitWithMoi:

Eileen, what a wonderful past time to make beautiful little mini books and then share them page by page on your Moi blog. Luuuhhhhv it. In this day and age when electronic books and blogs are becoming more and more popular, it's nice of you to make, hold, read and share, here online, your hand made, hand held mini books

Yes, and I replied that what's great about the internet is its ability to share information about one-of-a-kind projects, like the mini-books. 

Anyway, talk about doing it slant.  I created that blog to focus on a mini-chair collection.  It will continue that focus but, so far, its more popular facet seems to be "Books on Chairs."  Well, click on the link for your invitation to participate!

Here's a running tally so far for BOC's Library-in-Progress.  It's a great link -- often showing how each mini-book is made.  Such sheer Joy!