Thursday, March 10, 2011


I received a poem -- a hay(na)ku! -- this week from someone I've never met but is a Peep who reads my blog. As far as I know, Amanda is one of those came across my blog for other reasons besides poetry, in this case, as an advocate for orphans and someone currently in the process of adopting a Colombian orphan. I'm going to share her hay(na)ku below, but before I do so --

receiving this hay(na)ku from Amanda Mason is so precious to me. For many reasons. One is my interest in making poetry part of the everyday lives of anybody and everybody (not just the lovely choirs already singing poetry's songs). I blog in part to add poetry content to the internet in the hopes that said content becomes relevant -- and thus Poetry become relevant -- to someone who just might e-stumble moi way. It's also why, though this is a "poetics blog," I don't separate out my other interests from this blog (and not just because my poetics is all-encompassing over my interests). So when Amanda's reading of my blog led her to use the hay(na)ku to renew her interest in poetry, I feel so blessed and grateful. I've always considered the hay(na)ku an inviting form, as well as a form of invitation to Poetry. How lovely to see it play out through the following --


Tengo hungry
Feed me words

Thank you Amanda! How wonderful to speculate on this hay(na)ku tale's role in your adoption of Jhonatan! May that go well...!

...and Jhonathan would be one more chipped off that estimate of orphans worldwide: 147 Million.

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