Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Here's a call from Benjamin C. Krause, publisher of Diamond Point Press (nice name for that press!) for your short forms ... and India!

twenty20 Journal is now calling for submissions for three themed Summer 2011 issues of twenty20 Journal. For Summer 2011 Issue 1, we are solely looking for visual art--the rest is being solicited. Send 2+ pieces of minimalist visual art to Read below for details on Issue 2 and Issue 3.

Summer 2011 Issue 2: Form
Summer 2011 Issue 2 is devoted to short formal poetry, all short formal poetry (except haiku), and nothing but short formal poetry. No fiction, freeverse poetry, or prose poetry is being considered for this issue. What we are considering are visual art, and poetry in forms like tanka, senryu, Fibs, hay(na)ku, quincouplets, cinquains, single closed heroic couplets, or even your own invented forms. For more information, go to

Summer 2011 Issue 3: All-India
We are VERY proud to announce that Summer 2011 Issue 3 will be devoted to writers from India. By "writers from India" we mean writers with Indian citizenship, whether they currently live in India or abroad. We are even more proud to announce that it will be guest edited by Aju Mukhopadhyay, a renowned poet, critic, essayist, biographer, feature and fiction writer in Bengali and English. Submissions will be considered in any language as always as long as an English translation is provided. For more information, go to