Thursday, July 22, 2010


So in between playing with the aminals (Artemis in above), Michael is going through language and math lessons. Recently, one of his recent assignments was to do internet research and write a paper on people he admires and/or are influential to him. His first choice was Barack Obama. Then he said (in perhaps an attempt to get more television time) that his second person to research will be ... Moi!

I initially reacted with a big mental flurry of Uh Oh! as I remembered all that false data I once inputted into the internet about moiself (all part of a big performance project way back when I had more vim and vigor to concoct silliness). But, I just reminded Michael not to believe anything in the internet and otherwise I let him have at it.

Well, he did his research (with no interference from Moi)...and his concluding paragraph is as follows (in all of its English-as-second-language glory):
What do I think of this Person
I think my mom's work is cool because she made poems with her imagination and she made art and books with her poems. I admire her because she had graduated from Barnard College and a business school and now she has a great career with poems. I think poems are cool and I liked them because poems are relative with art and I like art. Also, I think my mom is hard worker because she have the career with poets and also because she adopted me, so she have like two jobs dealing with me every day and working with her job. So that's why I admire her.

Awwwwwwwwww.....(okay: an extra hour of TV tonight!)

But that's not all! So Michael submits his paper to his language tutor and also future Humanities teacher and, guess what?! Said teacher --a fellow alum apparently of Morningside Heights, NYC -- asked me to volunteer work as a poet during the schoolyear, perhaps visit the class, perhaps help out in art where they're doing art/text projects, etc etc!

Great! I enthusiastically replied! I was open to being a parent-volunteer anyway, and it's sure much better to use Moi as a poet than as a, say, field trip driver when I can't back-end parallel park! Or cupcake provider when I can't culinarily attain! It's all ... good!

Here is boy and dog (Achilles):

Oh ye gorgeous Napa summer! And it sure cracks Moi up how Achilles looks over the edge of the pool like a ... human!

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