Monday, March 01, 2010


In the past couple of weeks, I've gotten a whole bunch of absolutely fabulous review copies for Galatea Resurrects -- and I am looking looking looking for more reviewers to take advantage! Please consider doing a review (next review submission deadline is April 15) and go HERE for list of available review copies!

Now, I'd never thought 80-plus review issues were sustainable....but, looking over moi files, I see that we certainly could use more reviewer involvement for the next issue. Why, I even had to drag in a lawyer (hi Mere!) to do a book review for a law and poetry anthology recently published by the U. of Iowa. Whilst I enjoy ever expanding the audience for and interest in poetry, I sure can use more poets to participate in the next issue! Please consider squeezing in a review or engagement amidst your busy schedules -- we all know that an un-engaged poetry book is not healthy for kult-chah!

Onward! Email moi at and let's get some poetry read!