Thursday, March 11, 2010


You know, I always joke that the hubby married the first Filipina who can't cook. That's not quite true, of course. My Mom was the first, which explains why I'm the second Filipina who can't cook. (Filipinas, in case you don't get it, are often fabulous in the kitchen...well, and elsewhere of course!)

Coming to the U.S. forced my Mom to learn to cook, but it was too late for her to mentor me in the kitchen. Now, this week Mom visited my brother in Los Angeles. This meant I had to cook dinner for Michael -- for those who've asked me what's been most difficult about being a parent, I can straight up tell you that it's been having to become responsible for feeding (in hopefully a responsible way) another human being.

Anyway, from sheer embarrassment I won't share what I fed the hijo tonight. But his reaction was something like this (from another meal -- I get this reaction a lot):

Fortunately for Moi, I will be presenting and charming peeps at THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL BABAYLAN CONFERENCE taking place April 17-18 at Sonoma State University. Which is to say, I will be meeting a lot of you Pinays. So I have an offer for you:


and I'll give you comp copy of a book. Actually, it's not just an offer. It's an order--kapisch?

C'mon Babaylan--have pity on Moi.


Just looked at Michael's pic above. Sigh: I feel sorry for him and I hope he'll survive me, or at least my cooking. Here he is in a happier context with my first son Achilles, who actually loves my cooking! No one can mix canned dog food and kibble with such flair as I do!

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