Thursday, October 29, 2009


FLOWERS AND CHOCOLATES--That's what I and Leny received last night following our readings for Filipino Women's Day at UC Berkeley. The flowers are gracing the kitchen, and my eyes are gracing that huge Symphony chocolate bar. Not since Zack Linmark gave me puto following my first San Francisco reading about ten years ago have I received yum-yums after offering poetry. Thank you UC Berkeley. You asked for poems on "empowerment" and yet you all are the ones who've inspired me with your energy, commitment, non-metaphorical activism and much Matalina!

What exactly did I do to earn last night's chocolates? Some blather about being an "intelligent" poet being like a "Pinay navigating one's self through an inherited universe and turning it into a world she also has made". Both require thinking out of the balikbayan box...

And what a treat seeing Joi Barrios again whom I met only once in person and that seven years ago. She's another inspiration: she should be invited as a "Keynote Speaker" over ... somewhere...(wink)

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