Tuesday, February 17, 2009

WHEN "MOI" BECOMES ... "MOM"!!!!!!

After nearly two years, a punishing travel schedule involving three countries, new snow appearing on moi purty head, innumerable discussions with lawyers/counselors in three languages, making too many people wince with moi mangled espanol, and ... some unexpected, almost-unbearable heartbreaks along the way, I am nearly there.

Nearly there, of course, isn't the same as there, there. What is that there, Toi asks? There -- to wit:

A veritable HOT MAMA indeedy! You will note there the lack of many details, such as the subject's name, on that nesting blog. That is all for a reason, and which I will be ECSTATIC to clarify when MY SON MY SON MY SON -- have I mentioned I have a new SON! -- will be safely ensconsed on Galatea. We hope that will happen by the end of April.


I'll be going to South America to complete the adoption -- I will be out of the country in the March-April timeframe as the process will require my presence there for 4-6 weeks. This will affect a number of projects -- I will write more specific emails to those affected.

This also means I've got two, perhaps three, more weeks available in the U.S. and possibly the internet. If you need to chat with Moi now, do it ... now!


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