Thursday, February 19, 2009


Steven Fama (who, as a non-poet discerning reader of poems is so needed by the poetry world!) offers the world premier of some fabulous prose poems by John Olson. RUN TO HERE to read and snort along with Moi along some hilarious lines like--
Greetings. I just received your considerable missile. And I agree. Your personality has nothing to do with you.

In answer to your last question, yes. Check under the counter. You should find the manual there among some old potatoes, apple juice, iron and Neptune.

When I was in the mountains, in solitude, I was obliged to be in continual burning of thought as an only resource. That’s when I grew accustomed to the obscurities of my own silly head. And sought means to get it out and down on paper where it might assume light and scope and crumbs of knowledge.

The process of writing these poems is also a very interesting read. And, okay, I confess that the third excerpt above bears special meaning to me. Reading moiself into it, I see exactly the process of Moi living on Galatea and coming to blog at the order for me to be light-headed, you see, I gotta get those "obscurities [out] of my own silly head"!

Know John Olson's poems and ye be blessed, I tell you in a non-silly toast ...