Thursday, May 01, 2008


Kevin Carolo reviews Garrett Caples' COMPLICATIONS along with Joe Wenderoth's NO REAL LIGHT in the just-released issue of RAIN TAXI. Here's an excerpt:
Many things cannot continue in this world, and Complications and No Real Light make one painfully aware of this brute fact. Wenderoth concludes “Sitcom” with the assertion that “The sun is an explosion. / We survive via proximity to an explosion / that is getting hotter.” In turn, Caples’s “Liquid Diary” ends with “god mopes in his sober robes / he still owes my company money // for snow we made last year,” suggesting the fake powder annually sprayed on the streets of Disney’s fake city Celebration, as depicted in the film The Corporation. Fake snow chills more than real snow, and when people enjoy such fake flake across the snow board, they beckon a real “that’s when I reach for my revolver” moment in contemporary American poetics.

So that's another reason to read Garrett's COMPLICATIONS!

And people love me too -- Yay! Thanks to Otoliths for printing a couple of moi poems....and to Moria Poetry for publishing a review by Aileen Ibardaloza of moi ENGLISH BRICK. Here's an excerpt from Aileen's review....that's like moi ars poetica of sorts:
she writes “to see/hear what the poem is saying,” but that she makes it participative by creating a large enough space for the reader to see/hear for herself.

I hear ya, Peep. For Moi is all about Toi.

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