Monday, August 20, 2007


Busily working on next issue of Galatea Resurrects -- if all goes well, it should be released sometime next week.

Meanwhile, for those who hang on to every word from Moi, here's a feminist Nota Bene:

I know the authors of the Tiny Books are, so far, all male. But I have also solicited female poets for this series. One's manuscript is delayed, and the others are even further behind. So it's not from lack of trying, peeps. (This result reminds me of a topic on some List not that long ago about poetic productivity and gender. Anyhooo...) Not to worry, sooner or later, a fem poet will be dancing through a Tiny Book.

If not, I'll channel kari edwards to transcend the issue...

And, yes yes, I owe YOU a Tiny Book. I am working on it, working on it, fighting the arthritis et al...! Patience, por favor!

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