Friday, July 27, 2007


Today is the last day for bidding for Ivy's Beloved Poison -- you have till midnight, West Coast time if you want to keep bidding! Right now, the current bid is at $75.00.  And we've also had someone from Oeonophiles For Poetry offer to match the final bid.

But now, stellar poet Luis Cabalquinto suggested on one of the Listserves where I'd posted this fundraising notice -- that those who don't wish to bid but want to contribute can just send a check for whatever amount they can share. That's sweet! I've already had four people say they can't donate more than the current bid, but will send a check! Wooot! And to think the impetus originally just sold for a buck!

Since each malaria-preventing net only costs $10, every lil' bit counts! Thanks!  And Moi do firmly believe: when we say


it's not a slogan.  It's not a metaphor.  It's for real.

Thanks for helping me show proof of its reality!

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