Friday, July 20, 2007


First, in response to a backchanneling nosy peep, No, I'm not always as "bloody cheerful" as I come off on this blog. Believe me, if I were, I'd be the first to shoot myself.

Sip. 2005 ROAR Pinot Noir Santa Lucia Highlands...

Now, having said that about not always being cheery, let me then do a Perky and cheerfully observe:

Doesn't it say something that this is the birthday of Tom Beckett and yet he's the one to give out a Gift? To wit, Tom dubs me a THINKING BLOGGER.

Well, okay! I think therefore I feel therefore I am Moi!

....although I have to say that I'm honored primarily because of what I glean as the context of this particular "award". It's not that I appreciate receiving the award. It's that I appreciate receiving it when Tom's first awardee -- the blogger that moithinks set the bar for Tom's choices -- is Geof Huth who deserves many accolades indeed for his ruminations on and presentations of visual poetry. To be considered thought-worthy in his company--wow. I feel like it's my birthday!

Anyway, Thanks Tom you Birthday Boy!

Btw, while looking as to Tom's reasons for dubbing me a Thinking Blogger, this phrase caught my eye: "shape-shifting Chatelaine". Le sigh: that reminds me of when I was a slim elegant New Yorker. But then I moved to Napa Valley to practice wine poetics and gained 50% -- FIFTY PERCENT! -- of my Manhattan weight. I am officially THIN-CHALLENGED! (Ach--why must wine be so caloric!)

Fortunately, Moi doesn't miss the Hot Bod. For as my latest award fortunately reminds --



While loving me by reading me, go on over to Leny's RIGHT HERE (her July 19 post) and avail yourself of a free copy of Tom Beckett's Tiny Book. It's spe.....ecial! And his book comes with a bonus: some of my teeeeeeensy hay(na)ku drawings! Teeny drawings hoping to benefit Heifer International with a GINORMOUS WATER BUFFALO!

Besides, a water buffalo is fatter than Moi am and, uh, nowadays...that counts for a lot, she thinks, as she reaches forth for the chalice for ... another Sip!

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