Tuesday, June 26, 2007


So The Light Sang...gives me the first opportunity to release a hardcover book -- I now learn that they also call hardcovers "cloth".

Anyway, moi brilliant book designer Claudia revealed what's really kewl about "cloth" -- first, look at this image

See that alternating red and gold inner band just inside the cover? They could have been white, and I wouldn't have known to notice. But Claudia suggested the above, which alternates "'Flare' red with gold metallic foil."

Gold which, among other things, is the color of enlightenment.

Red -- but not just red but "Flare" red -- symbolizing passion; reminds me of when Jean once said in something I later turned into an epigraph for a poem in ENGLISH: "Poetry must burn."

So I enthusiastically replied to Claudia, "Absolutely!"

To which she so fittingly replied, "Yeah cloth books are cool, like dolls, you can dress them up and add bling."


Bling on the book!

Or, if this be my last book for a while, it's sure great to go out with a ... bling!

Badda-bling, Badda-book!

I'll stop now.