Thursday, April 12, 2007


I'm busily kissing the handmade chaps related to THE SINGER And The Others -- per prior post. My kiss-ink, I should note, also reflects ecopoetics. It recycles lipsticks that I would never wear but have in the drawer as gifts. The first was given to my husband from one of his clients. It's from "the balm" and is called


Well, yadda. Isn't that speeee-eeecial. Well, no. What it feels like is irritatingly tingly. I guess this product is for those envying Angelina Jolie's plump's yet another experience Poetry led me to have, and it tingles and irritates. On the other hand, this is nothing compared to some of those alleys I had to tip-toe through to make some poems...ah, youth.

Anyway, I'm still taking addresses for those who'd like a comp copy! A few more and I'd have assigned out my "first print run" (heh) before the chap is even officially released. Why, then, I'd have to do a PRETZEL, to wit, re-do the edition as Claes Oldenburg did with his "Pretzel" wall hanging sculpture -- 'twas released by Claes in an un-numbered, which is to say, infinite edition.

But then, ain't Poetry an infinite gift? Why limit(-ed edition) it anyway?


Email Moi at if you wanna get kissed off ... with a chap!

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