Friday, July 21, 2006


for noting Heaven (and Hell) are self-authored.

It's noticeable how many of those waging war on behalf of their gods often believe in god as a third-party authority, which could be to say, another way of avoiding self-responsibility.


An unexpected result of focusing on Dante's Divine Comedy is determining which area I would explore were I ever to re-pursue academic studies. To wit,


This has nought to do with my own Faith (one don't need academia for that). It's more to do with history -- how human history has been so determined by religions. Including lack thereof...

Poetry can be about everything, including what one does not believe in.

Which is not to say my poetics is about stuff I don't believe in. I just don't want to shut my eyes against what I find difficult to tolerate -- I don't always succeed (sometimes, blindness), but this desire is one of Moi's poetics.