Monday, July 17, 2006


Been helping out recently on the next two books to be realized by Meritage Press -- really honored that I'll be helping the full-length book-debuts of Tom Beckett and Bruna Mori. As with many other publishers, the list of Meritage Press' projects go on the last page of the books--and I can see that I'm much ahead of the one-project-a-year I'd planned when I began Meritage Press. One of these books is out-of-print, and another one soon will be, too! Well, Happy Fifth Anniversary to MP, moi teensy leetle press but with a beeeeeeg heart!

And, yep, I already have three, possibly four, books scheduled for 2007 -- so much poetry, so little time!

(since 2001)

“Cold Water Flat” (2001). Signed and numbered etching by Archie Rand and John Yau. Limited edition of 37.

100 More Jokes From The Book of the Dead (2001). A monograph documenting a collaboration between Archie Rand and John Yau.

er, um (2002). A collection of ten poems by Garrett Caples and six drawings by Hu Xin. Limited edition of 75 copies. Signed and numbered by the poet.

Museum of Absences (2003). Poetry collection by Luis H. Francia. (Copublished with the University of the Philippines Press.)

Opera: Poems 1981-2001 (2003) by Barry Schwabsky.

Veins (2003). A poetry broadside by David Hess.

[ways] (2004). A poetry-art collaboration between Barry Schwabsky and Hong Seung-Hye. (Copublished with Artsonje Center, Seoul.)

The Oracular Sonnets (2004). An e-publication of a visual poetry collaboration between Mark Young and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen.

PINOY POETICS: A Collection of Autobiographical and Critical Essays on Filipino and Filipino-American Poetics (2004). Edited by Nick Carbo.

The Obedient Door (2005). Poems by Sean Tumoana Finney and drawings by Ward Schumaker.

THE FIRST HAY(NA)KU ANTHOLOGY (2005). Edited by Jean Vengua and Mark Young.

NOT EVEN DOGS (2006). Hay(na)ku Poems by Ernesto Priego.

Kali Blade (2006). Poems, prose and collaborations by Michelle Bautista.

Dérive (2006). A poetry-art collaboration by Bruna Mori and Matthew Kinney.

Unprotected Texts: Selected Poems (1978-2006) (2006). Poems by Tom Beckett.