Tuesday, November 05, 2013


perhaps you want to contact me for a new poetry project -- see below.

Actually, if you are dead and whether or not you are Filipino, feel free to contact Moi. But I digress ...

So if you are a LIVING FILIPINO POET, this Call Out (here's it's FACEBOOK LINK -- thanks to Vince Gotera) is for you:

Dear All...and you are all dear to me,

I think I've come up with a new anthology idea that would present Filipino English-language poems. But for this I need to get an idea of how many of us LIVING FILIPINO POETS are out there. Thus, if you are a Filipino poet writing in English or have had poems translated into English, please email me your name and email address.

That's it: Name and Email Address. To Ertabios@aol.com

Please forward this request to all nooks of the world.

If your poems are translated into English, please specify that in your emailed reply.

"Filipino" doesn't mean full-blooded (tho don't know what full-blooded means, but that's another story). You could have a drop and if you self-identify as Filipino, please inform me of your existence.

Though I know many of you, please don't assume I do. Even if we're tight, please still send me your name and address.

It would be ideal if I received all responses by December 31, 2013 but if you hear of this afterwards, shoot me an email too.

All best,
Eileen Tabios