Friday, October 18, 2013


Okay. Done. With next book's new title, that is, which is (drum roll):

Coz when sun splits (stigmata) what still comes out is light. Light comes out of light. Flesh comes out of flesh, versus traditional stigmata where blood (and bloody guts) comes out of fleshy stigmata. You split and yet you remain whole.

So, for Part I, prose poem blocks rupture, but only to present new poems. For Part II which will be about a dozen prose pieces, there's darkness in the raw material but what results is still "light" -- either poetry or visual art or both.

Entonces, the cover image will be a detail from a sculpture/installation work by by Emmy Catedral, one of the subjects of the art essays: a yellow orb (sun) created from strips of yellow legal pad --

Detail from “Marginalia” (2005) by Emmy Catedral

What's a strip from a yellow pad? A sunray! What does one do on a legal pad? Why, Grasshopper, one writes! The sun splits and yet, with Poetry's (and poetic) redemption, art replaces tragedy as the result. The art of Light...

May you have a light-filled day...!

This has been a public service announcement from the headquarters of Lucidity Poetics, Inc.

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