Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Well, chuckle. I didn't think of that! To wit, the book description is longer than the novel! That's a nota bene rob mclennan raises in his review of moi SILK EGG!

That SILK EGG is mischievous. And, huh, wonder what it says about moi blather that peeps respond well when said blather goes minimal...?! Maybe you should read SILK EGG, too (hah) and see what all these smart people are talking about in their revoos--they present a rather pleasing, mega-diverse landscape of how one reads differently the same words!
rob mclennan, rob mclennan's blog, Aug. 22, 2011

Alan Baker, Litterbug, July 11, 2011

Stephen Hong Sohn, Asian American Lit Fans, June 19, 2011

Michael Leong, BIG OTHER, June 10, 2011

Zvi A. Sesling, Boston Area Poetry Scene, March 2, 2011

Joey Madia, New Mystics Reviews, Feb. 21, 2011

Jean Vengua, JEAN VENGUA, Jan. 30, 2011 and Feb. 6, 2011

Leny M. Strobel, Kathang Pinay, Feb. 1, 2011

Allen Bramhall, Tributary, Jan. 14, 2011

The hubby wants chickens. Not enthused about creating more coyote fodder. But I'm thinking about it more ... those eggs ...

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