Saturday, February 20, 2010


In tomorrow's Flamenco Poetry Reading, all the poets are starting by sharing a poem by Federico Garcia Lorca. So, looking for teachable moments as I always am with Moi hijo, I asked Michael this morning to listen to my Spanish pronounciation -- I thought it'd be roundabout way to expand his exposure to poetry. I moved from having him listen to me, to asking him to read the poem.

Well, perhaps four lines into his reading of the Lorca poem, Michael stops, looks at me with a frown and states, "This guy doesn't write well. He should have said ____ instead of this"--and he points to the problematic line in question.

My son is now editing Lorca?!!

I immediately thought, Sheeesh--everyone really is a critic! But you know what? I think this indie thinking... is just GREAT! From the mouth of babes, as they say! And here's the babe at a local art gallery sketching what he sees:

What do you bet Michael would have improved whatever he was copying?

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