Thursday, February 18, 2010


Someone I don't know asked me to pass on the word about someone I don't know. But, ya know, I'm always beneficent to fellow small press poetry publishers. To wit, Arlo Haskell of Sand Paper Press notes this lovely review of Stuart Krimko's THE SWEETNESS OF HERBERT over at the reachingly-named The Best American Poetry. Check out the review HERE.

Having said that, that's not why I'm blogging about it -- after all, we ain't talkin' Galatea Resurrects here (grin). I'm blogging about it because, in going further to read some of Krimko's sonically-ecstatic poems online, I learned this about the poet:
Stuart Krimko was born in Great Neck, New York, and was Director of Exhibitions at Max Protetch Gallery for several years. In 2006, he received a grant from the Fund for Poetry for Not That Light. He has recently moved to Los Angeles, where he works on a novel tentatively titled I Died So Far East It Was West, along with translations of the works of Argentinian writers Osvaldo Lamborghini and Hector Viel Temperley. Krimko also writes about art and wine and is the food and wine editor for Embury Cocktails.

Dude--that's an enviable life!