Sunday, January 17, 2010


A head's up: February 21, Sunday afternoon (about 2 p.m.), I'll be in San Francisco doing a Flamenco Poetry Reading. With flamenco artist-poet Ed Lozada, Sandy McIntosh whose new release hails ERNESTA, IN THE STYLE OF THE FLAMENCO, and Gura Michelle who'll likely do a hybrid flamenco-kali (martial arts) presentation. Probably be flamenco guitar live, too....Hope that intrigues you to pencil it into your calendar -- it won't be a typical poetry reading...

Authenticity in song is the same for flamenco as it is for poetry -- necessarily complicated. Like:

Yeah -- what matters is not the costume, but ...

That sound of a rusty nail in song -- hence, THE SINGER. And NOTA BENE EISWEIN.

You've been've been forewarned. February 21.

Uno mas. Why not?

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