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Well, before my "102nd Book", there's gotta be of course the 101st!:

If that front cover drawing seems familiar, it's because of THIS. Anyway, mine is one of three inaugural releases from a new chapbook publisher, Naissance -- which of course means "a birth, an origin, or a growth". I love helping to inaugurate small presses; I remember when Menage a Trois... was the first print-book published by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen's xPress(ed). Well, we all know where the brilliant poet-composer-artist Jukka since has gone on to become the ideal poet's publisher with not just xPress(ed) but also Blue Lion Books,eIghT-pAGE pREss, ankkuri (in Finnish), xStream, minimum daily requirements, epidermis, contour et al. Jukka helped me learn to understand how my choice for publishers also must reflect poetics, not just publishing's commercial facets.

Anyway, here's Naissance's official announcement -- hope it encourages you to check it out, meanwhile supporting as well a brand new press...which looked at 21st century technology and came up with a supportable way to distribute arguably one of the most difficult products to disseminate: ye olde poetry chapbook!



Naissance Chapbooks (Kingston, PA) is pleased to announce the release of

By Eileen R. Tabios

In ROMAN HOLIDAY, Eileen R. Tabios brings us a numbered sequence of prose poem Synopses that strike the mind’s eye like an oil-filled kaleidoscope. Patterns merge and emerge in shifting repetitions that succeed in what all poetry attempts: to cover more ground than they should have been able. An excerpt:
from Synopsis #7

It transcends the feminine gesture. [Consolation defined as the bat never reappeared]. She totters on ice despite thick ankles. [By his face, one can tell he’s about to deliver the boot.] He has a gaze like a mirror. [There is nothing like an infant tugging on a daddy’s white whiskers.] “Sulpicia, a Roman woman writer, wrote elegies in Latin that had been attributed to Tibullus.” [Whatever. True love is never chaste.]

ROMAN HOLIDAY is Tabios' 17th print poetry collection. It features a front cover reproduction of a drawing by her 13-year-old son Michael, as well as a back cover reproduction of a photograph of the author's family during a "Roman Holiday". The chap's witty design facilitates the author's long-held ludic approach to mixing real-life references with poetic personas.

ROMAN HOLIDAY can be ordered through the Naissance Chapbooks site at for $10 (includes standard shipping within the continental USA). Other new releases are No L by Jennifer Hill and Two Poems by Michael Aro.

For more information:

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