Monday, November 09, 2009


I must do a heads' up on what looks to be Meritage Press' next book, AUTOPSY TURVY by the first father-daughter artist/poet team that I will publish: Thomas Fink and Maya Diablo Mason. Housekeeping first--here's a book description (and let me tell you, a book that's blurbed by a Tan Lin/Denise Duhamel!):
A book of "utterly wishful miraculously wistful costumed poems" (Tan Lin) by father-daughter team Thomas Fink and Maya Diablo Mason, Autopsy Turvy gathers terse, springy, psychologically intense eleven-line lyrics and hay(na)ku-based pieces, a 15-poem series called "Bee" that spells out the tangles of family and finances, a surreal poetic play entitled "Invisible Surgeon," and much else. According to Denise Duhamel, Fink and Mason's "poetry. . . goes to the brink, peering off the cliff, before they pull one another back to safety."

Other "advance words" are equally enthusiastic from such poetic sages as Tom Beckett. But what really moves me to post is this Authors' Photo:

Looking at this photo, I was just so moved over the look of paternal pride on Tom's face, as he looks at his gorgeous, talented daughter. Maya is currently a high school student in Long Island, New York, she plans to pursue a career in drama, visual art, or writing. Welcome, Maya!

Backdrop also shows Maya's talents and more jewels from their collaborations. The paintings behind them feature Tom doing the background and Maya doing the foregrounded figurative work!

Love them Family Poetics...!

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