Saturday, May 17, 2008


I'm purred to announce the title of one of my forthcoming books -- and which explains my blog's new(est) title:


Its subtitle is "Her Biography Through Your Poetics" because it's a book that reflects my tinkering (disruption, heee!) of the form of utilizing prose written by some of today's leading poet-critics (what an angelic scam: a book "by" moi but written by others!). More book info later; for now, I just want to share this fabulous cover image:

It's a photo of dancer/musician Caroline Cabading of Palabuniyan Kulintang Ensemble by Rhett Pascual/Your Exquisite Photos. Isn't it ... exquisite?! I particularly love those fingernails...because, but of course, the Chatelaine's Keys are seamlessly attached to the end of her sharpened/heightened! fingers for Poetry as a Way of Life.

For me, Caroline's dance is quite inviting ... manifesting much of the Chatelaine's poems: an Invitation. For Moi am all about Toi!

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