Saturday, January 26, 2008


Marsh Hawk Press' web site features useful information as regards AWP, including that in a recently-decided move (so it's not well known out there yet), the book fair will be open to the public on Saturday, Feb. 2. There ya go -- no need to cadge your pals' badges to go to the book fair. And while there, certainly do visit Marsh Hawk at Table $270 (Marsh Hawk's site also has a useful map of the exhibition hall).

Another reason to go: first, the panel I planned but will not be able to present at (though I think Nick Carbo will present some images from my off-the-page poetry work), but hey still worth checking out:
Nassau Suite
Hilton, 2nd Floor

F108. Off The Page: Multidimensional Writings. (Eileen Tabios, Thylias Moss, Nick Carbo, Thomas Fink, Catherine Daly) This panel presents poets and writers who work in a variety of disciplines encompassing video, sculptures, paper craft, innovative book art, painting, performance events, conceptual art, drawings, film, and multimedia events, among others. Panelists discuss how other disciplines affect their texts and presentation of such texts. In some cases, the poetry book was transformed to not just present written poems. In other situations, community-based performances inspired new poetic forms and theories.

Another reason to go: Belladonna Books will have a table at the bookfair. Go to their new website, for information about this significant forum for women writers. You also can check out their CATALOG to see straight-up proof for their vision, as delineated to wit:
Founded as a reading series at a women┬╣s radical bookstore in 1999, Belladonna* is a feminist avant-garde event and publication series that promotes the work of women writers who are adventurous, politically involved, multi-form, multicultural, multi-gendered, unpredictable, dangerous with language (to the death machinery).


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