Friday, November 02, 2007


Much to Moi's ultimate pleasure, one of the BIG BURLY MEN who are frequently about the mountain nowadays approached me this morning.
Big Burly Man: I hear you're a poet.

Moi (looking dubiously at the shovel in one big, burly hand): Ye...e...e...ah?

BBM: My wife reads poetry. How do I get one of your books?

Moi (Pause, then SCREAMS): WAIT!!!

And I dashed into the house and swiftly got a shopping bag and filled it with ENGLISH, PUNCTUATIONS and MENAGE A TROIS. I dashed back out to the courtyard and shoved it into his big burly hands.

Moi: Here! It's a gift! You have no clue how rare it is for a non-poet to ask me about my poery. Here!

BBM (after a startled look): Uh, thanks. She will appreciate it.

I was so pleased I even over-looked how he emphasized "she" will read the books, which is to say, it's unlikely Big, Burly Man will be reading Moi poems. Pleased. Because, see, I'm in the middle of construction, Peeps. And with construction comes change orders. What do you bet I just paid for a culver for that brand spankin' new gravel parking lot I'ma installing on the mountain!?

(Update: He didn't charge for a culver....heheheheheheheh.....! Poetry: it's valuable, yo!)

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