Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Whilst blog-jogging this morning, I read Dodie Bellamy's wonderful blog and was reminded yet again of a blog post that may be the post that I'd consider the MOST ROMANTIC I'd ever read. Am too lazy to actually research for the link to post here--Toi do it. But, basically, the post (if moi memory is correct and it often is not) was about how she'd once asked her partner (and fabulous person) Kevin Killian something about why he doesn't write (or write much?) about her. And Kevin had replied that to write about someone is to write it out of one's self ... and Kevin didn't want to write out Dodie.

I'm probably poorly paraphrasing but you 9 billion Peeps are intelligent enough to get the drift, I think. Entonces: isn't that notion by Kevin just absolutely, as Miss Pink En La Casa would proclaim, "SUPER!!!!!!!"

And there's also so much wisdom innit ... that particular space of not writing about someone in order to more dearly hold said someone dear is ... special.

Now, you may note that I frequently write about my son Michael and so isn't such contradictory? Well, No Dear. The exception would be when one wants to brag. I LOVE TO BRAG ABOUT MY SON MICHAEL and do so unashamedly! For example, I love his sense of humor! As in, here he is after having donned the dogs' Xmas antlers:

Doesn't that put you in a Holiday Mood...!

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