Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Got a fly-and-sun poem (from Nota Bene Eiswein) in newly-released Issue #36 of The Journal That Advocates For Clean Hair. From its editor Del Ray Cross (who I wish to thank as well for his consistent encouragement over the years):
Dear Salon Selecteds,

I'm elated to present you with SHAMPOO issue 36!

Check it all out here: . . .

where you'll soak & steam in relevant poetries by Zhuang Yisa, Arisa White, Dana Ward, Gautam Verma, TC Tolbert, Steve Tills, Eileen Tabios, Suejin Suh, Paul Siegell, Ryan B. Richey, Daniel C. Remein, Matt Reeck, Stephen Ratcliffe, Caitlyn Paley, Anjali Khosla Mullany, Michael Montlack, rob mclennan, Ian M. McCarty, Esa Mäkijärvi, Anthony Madrid, Alana Madison, erica lewis, Caroline Klocksiem, Raud Kennedy, Alexander Jorgensen, Russell Jaffe, Luke Humphries, Alisa Heinzman, Eli Halpern, Christoph Girard, Angela Genusa, Amy Garrett-Brown, Ricky Garni, Mark Stephen Finein, Laurie Duggan, Denise Dooley, Susan Denning, Peter Davis, Aaron Crippen, Marisa Crawford, Christopher Cheney, Will Burke, Megan Breiseth, Lucas Bernhardt, Robert J. Baumann, Louis Armand, Stan Apps & Sherman Alexie, along with radiantly alive SHAMPOOArt by Angela Genusa!

SHAMPOO thanks you!

Herbal essence,

Del Ray Cross, Editor
clean hair / good poetry

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