Thursday, December 27, 2007


Here's an image of the sculpture-in-progress inspired by the image of Achilles and Gabriela tugging rope (see prior post):

What's shown are just the forms; equally interesting will be what Regan will end up drawing on them (click on this image for a stellar example of a snake that swallowed a woman). What's also interesting is that sculptor David Regan apparently won't be including the rope...but he is interested in the tension (the push and pull?).

One could put the finished products at either end of, say, the long dining table (or across from each other in a room) -- i.e. with much more distance between the dogs than shown above -- and yet you could "see" something between them. What you see/sense could be no longer just the rope.

So that, in a way, Regan is physically manifesting what many poets aim for in sculpting poems with caesuras, or utilizing parataxis....and what the reader then "reads" could be more than what was *intended* by the poet (or, per the sculpture, one could see/sense something in the distance between the two dogs that's no longer just the rope).

(All very didactic of Moi, I know....that's cause I'm sipping coffee instead of wine as I write this...)

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