Monday, March 26, 2007


The Beach House is Eileen Tabios’s recent poetry haven. Her last poems resound in me in still indecipherable ways... There is a melancholy here, a canto jondo, jondísimo, unlike anything else I have read recently. --from Never Neutral

--so says Ernesto (thank you for paying attention) regarding Moi Beach House. I don't cite Ernesto to brag (well, maybe to "preen"). I cite him because he (and some of you backchanneling Peeps -- muchas gracias) are sensing something in those poems that, ironically..., I hadn't been planning to write.

These are the poems I am writing AFTER I decided that I wanted a break, a long one, from writing new poems. I am writing these poems trans-choice...

I wanted a break because .... well, the iceberg (see prior post) needs to melt more before I continue on this icy vein.