Friday, September 22, 2006


Well, for the second time in weeks, I got an acceptance for a poem I can't remember writing and have no proof of writing. This is what happens when you write poems then do the Frank O'Hara.

The first time, it was for the respected journal FIVE FINGERS REVIEW. I said, "Thank you" for the acceptance and awaited their proof eagerly to see what I wrote. (When I got said proof, I was relieved that I liked the poem-heh).

This second time (I won't note the publication yet) is for a book anthology. But I also am awaiting proof (pun intended) of the poem.

These events should -- I know -- make me resolve to organize my files better. But, Naaaaaah. What these incidents prove to Moi is that I don't need to fetter my poems. If there's a reason for them to come back, they'll come back for my smooches.