Tuesday, May 15, 2012


At my busiest, I can’t not read. I can’t even go to sleep unless I read myself to sleep. So, here’s yet another update of my Recently Relished W(h)ine List below. In the Publications section, note that if you see an asterisk before the title, that means a review copy is available for Galatea Resurrects! More info on that HERE.

AS IF IT FELL FROM THE SUN: AN ETHERDOME ANTHOLOGY: TEN YEARS OF WOMEN’S WRITING, Edited by Colleen Lookingbill & Elizabeth Robinson, featuring Merle Bachman, Faith Barrett, Margaret Butterfield, Erica Carpenter, Valerie Coulton, Caroline Crumpacker, Susanne Dyckman, Kelly Everding, REnata Ewing, Amanda Field, Kate Greenstreet, Anne Heide, Brydie MPherson Kuchi, Erica Lewis, Susan Manchester, Linda Norton, Roberta Olson, Megan Pruiett, Lisa Rappoport, Sarah Suzor, and Stacy Szymaszek (I can’t say enough great things about this anthology. It is intense, gorgeous, moving, smart, …. ABSOLUTELY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

EUNOIA, poems by Christian Bok (fabuloso!)

100 POEMS by SS Prasad (sufficiently mischievous to keep one’s interest)

PITCH: DRAFTS 77-95, poems by Rachel Blau DuPlessis

POST MAIDEN, poems by Steve Tills (adept and engaging!)

DARWIN, prose poem by Tony Lopez

GOAT IN THE SNOW, poems by Emily Pettit

HUMANIMAL, multi-genre meditative text by Bhanu Kapil

APART, poetry/non-fiction by Catherine Taylor

* VERSE, Vol. 27, Nos. 2 & 3, literary journal co-edited by Brian Henry and Andrew Zawacki

NOTES FROM MY TRAVELS: VISIT WITH REFUGEES IN AFRICA, CAMBODIA, PAKISTAN AND ECUADOR by Angelina Jolie (partial research for new poem, which then became the core of new manuscript)

A WIDOW’S STORY, memoir by Joyce Carol Oates (riveting page-turner)

BEATIFUL EYES, illustrated children’s book by Gayle Romasanta and Ramon Abad, with Tagalog translations (ENCHANTMENT: You should read it, too!)

AGENT 6, novel by Tom Rob Smith

THE SECRET SPEECH, novel by Tom Rob Smith

TIME TO HUNT, novel by Stephen Hunter

HOT SPRINGS, novel by Stephen Hunter

BREAKING POINT, novel by Dana Haynes

CRASHERS, novel by Dana Haynes

FORCE OF NATURE, novel by C.J. Box

SHATTER, novel by Michael Robotham

THE INNOCENT, novel by David Baldacci

THE ABDUCTION, novel by Mark Gimenez

EXTREME DENIAL, novel by David Morrell

TO THE DEATH, novel by Patrick Robinson

NORTHWEST ANGLE, novel by William Kent Krueger

THE WITNESS, novel by Nora Roberts

AN ABSOLUTE SCANDAL, novel by Penny Vincenzi

PLAIN SONG, novel by Kent Haruf

EVEN TIDE, novel by Kent Haruf

2007 Peter Michael “La Carriere” chardonnay
1998 Rockford Moppa Springs Barossa Valley
2006 Dutch Henry merlot NV
2006 Saxum Broken Stones
2006 Dancing Hares NV
2009 Long Meadown Ranch red house wine
2002 Hutton Vale Grenache Mataro
2002 Puligny Montrachet Clos de la Mouchere Jean Boillot & Fils