Friday, May 18, 2012


Thanks to editor Zvi A. Sesling for choosing me to be one of the Featured Poets for the latest issue of Muddy River Poetry Review!

It's neat to see the FIVE POEMS  from a manuscript-in-progress all together. Because the manuscript is of poems that I'm chiseling out of the prose blocks in my first U.S. book, Reproductions of the Empty Flagpole. Hence, the new manuscript's title of Sculptures from Reproductions of Emptiness.

Here's a photo of my sculpting -- for text, that is annotating -- process:

A word can never be empty. I had no narrative intention going into these poems, yet they manage ultimately to communicate something ... and it's cool figuring out what the poem wants to say since, for this grouping, I was more clueless than usual.

Hope you enjoy the clarity in mud!

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