Friday, March 26, 2010


Here's Michael's latest -- a Thank You Drawing for our hosts at Lake Tahoe where we introduced the pup to skiing and snowboarding.

Here's another drawing he did after seeing the colonial horror show called "Avatar":

I've figured out a possible Ideal Dream Job for Michael -- to be an illustrator for the movies, which he loves; after seeing, say, a 3-hour movie, he can set you down for another three hours and have you listen to him talk inch-by-inch through the movie frame of what happened. I know--I've been tortured by such experiences. Anyhoow, how now to get him training for and slotted into that possibility?

After all, he's gotten -- okay, I've gotten him -- started on his visual arts resume. He did the cover of moi ROMAN HOLIDAY and did it stellar-ly, yah!

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