Wednesday, December 26, 2007


One Xmas, the hubby gave me the Palm Pilot when such first arrived on the scene. I tossed that puppy right back at him. I also got a digital camera one year. Tossed that right back either. I just can't ... deal ... with technology. You Peeps are lucky I occasionally can post an image on blog, but even then that's just cause techie guru and kali gura Michelle's got moi back.

This Holiday, got an IPhone. And a miracle happened: I didn't toss that away ... because that shiny thingie is a necessary part of my next phase in life: Domestic Goddess. More on that later (and for the billions of ye who sputtered at the notion, what a waste of good wine but may your tablecloths benefit from your new Pollock-y drips). For now, let me share a gift that did cheer Moi up: a sculpture-in-progress being crafted in Montana as I write this bloggie post. Apparently, stellar artist David Regan is making a sculpture/drawing piece based on this image of when Achilles and Gabriela first met (which I am pleased to re-post since it also is one of the most popular images I've ever blogged):

I look forward to what Regan will accomplish...since he is so accomplished; other links to his works HERE and HERE and HERE.

But the problem is that the hubby, in discussing the sculpture with Regan, apparently also menched I'm a poet and sent him some of my poetry books for whatever input such might provide to the whole affair as I am the gift recipient. Now that, moi Dears, troubles me. Because when it comes to Achilles and Gabriela, I prefer the outcome to be G-rated.

And to read my poetry books is to know Moi am XXX.

Well, c'est la vie. Now, off to figger out that far, all I've figured out is that the pink leather case comes with a clip on...

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