Monday, October 29, 2007


And then there's Jean's (Oct. 29) "engagement" (grin) of Nicholas Manning's CORDITE review of The Light.... Here's an excerpt:
“[Manning] asks, Does such profusion, in the end, have a definable tradition, ontology and object?” In Filipino terms, we might call this profusion an expression of loob.

Thanks Jean, and thanks, too, for calling up Leny's essay on Moi and loob -- the first time I had a scholar contextualize my work with loob.

(And ain't it interesting that, with all my references to the Greeks et al -- "Greek" being both algebraic here as well as, uh, Greek -- I get to be located in a Filipino indigenous tradition? Trickster poetics is among moi favorites, I gotta say...)

Click on links to get to know "loob" -- which is to say, Let's Relate!

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