Sunday, October 14, 2012


is seeing your 82-year-old Mom see her very first book published!  Yep--first time author at age 82: that's inspiring!  Mom's book is DAWAC And Other Memoir Narratives, which was released in the U.S. but she only just saw her first copy last week when I went to the Philippines.  You see, Mom is bedridden from cancer now, which didn't stop her from knowing/feeling the  joy of her first book -- that first book is always special!  Here she is:

And here Mom is doing book-signings!  Grin!

I am so happy Mom experienced all this ...

Here's my cousin Dona at her sari-sari store, reading Mom's book (love these tiny stores that dot the Philippine landscape):

In fact, Dona will post a copy at her store for all the villagers to see that Mom wrote a book about them all!

This unimaginable sweetness of seeing your Mother experience her first book: Ay, nagsamit nga unay!

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