Saturday, November 19, 2011


I don't know why public libraries deaccession poetry books. It's not like said libraries are for-profit institutions so why treat poetry the same way as out-of-date computer books or unpopular light fiction? Librarians--ye inherently cultural activists!--just make those books available! Anyway, here's another poetry book I plucked from a library's "freebie" section -- they didn't even bother to put it on shelves where they stock books for modest fundraising sales (I guess they, too, know it's difficult to sell poetry ... which is not a reason to deaccession them!)

Yep, Billy Collins didn't fare well at this library. But that's okay, I've placed it on my Community Book Shelf where it can have a second life by being yours for trade! So much for Mr. Poetry Bestseller...!


Great Recession poetry economics is even worse than the usual moronic oxymoron of poetry economics. For example, for the last fiscal year, I (as a poetry publisher) apparently generated net sales through SPD of $193.37. After covering my annual SPD distributor fee of $160, I net, yep, $33.37. Well, at least I ain’t in the red…

Nor do I want poetry publishers to be in the red! So I did my modest bit with this latest update to my BOUGHT POETRY List:
THE CURVED PLANKS: POEMS, A BILINGUAL EDITION by Yves Bonnefoy, Trans. by Hoyt Rogers

THE ERRANCY by Jorie Graham

THE BOOK OF MIRRORS by Frieda Hughes


PRACTICAL WATER by Brenda Hillman

Nevuh mind Black Friday. Give a poetry book or a book by a poet for the Holidays! For instance... As for Moi, I'm personally eye-ing THIS ONE as a Xmas present to moiself...! Because I know My Man! will not disappoint....! Do consider that a recommendation, too!


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