Saturday, March 27, 2010


The hardback copies of THE THORN ROSARY arrived yesterday. Woot! Mom happened to be in the kitchen mending dish towels when the delivery came, and she was happy to interrupt her mending to look at Moi Hardback!

Of course, when she started reading through some of the pages, the same bemused expression began creeping across her lovely face, even setting her eyeglasses askew -- this critic says she's given up on trying to understand many of my poems (heh):

But, hey, 'twas good for interrupting the mending of frayed dishtowels, okay? (Gotta be a generational thing -- that mending of dishtowels...)

If you wish a HARDBACK, it'll cost you $750.00. What can I say: poetry is priceless.

But, okay, it'll be on fairly soon for $34.95. Go for it!

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