Sunday, February 21, 2010


What a blessing. Thank you to Cynthia over at PoemFlesh2 for caring about my poems, specifically the ones in my BRICK--Cynthia interviews me and features two poems....but I'm also moved by the action in the comments section. And it all began from reading my poems -- that's a true gift.

And I'm really feeling blessed from having had such a powerful engagement today during the Poetry Flamenco reading--Salamat & Gracias to Edwin Lozada and PAWA. Nothing less than duende permeated the room. No wonder I had a feeling I should forgo my farmer's flats for wearing Italian leather to the gig:

I was taking photos with my Iphone and when I lowered it, it took a photo of my stilettoed boot and, well, I liked how it captured the shades of death's presence...

I hope to post more photos later but, for now, here's "Alicia" while sharing her dance, in front of an absolutely stunning embroidered shawl from (I think) Edwin's collection:

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