Monday, February 22, 2010


Today, some discusson occurred on a repeat-performance of Flamenco Poetry reading (or a variation thereof) New York! Not sure yet if it'll happen, but it's just an indication of how fabulous it was yesterday -- and thanks again to all those who made it happen. Now, some images!

Here are all the participants, Michelle Bautista, Moi, Edwin Lozada, the flamenca "Alicia," and Sandy McIntosh:

Here's Edwin Lozada who not only read fabulous poems but gave beat-based explanations of flamenco, as only a flamenco dancer can!

Here's Michelle who wielded some mean fan-openings to interpret Sandy's "Ernesta, in the Style of the Flamenco":

Here is the fabulous "Alicia" again with her dance:

Michael and another taking photos of the very visual proceedings indeed:

Here we are at the Q&A afterwards; Edwin and Sandy were quite educational with their replies. My contribution was apologizing for finishing the wine from the refreshment table...

We end with lemon meringue pie with Sandy at Napa's new -- and fabulous -- Farmstead Restaurant. Flamenco, too, makes the bitter sweet (oh, work with Moi -- I just wanted to include this photo from the duende-filled, wine-flowing weekend!):

Amidst emptied-bottles, The End:

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