Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Well, the injured Artemis will be undergoing surgery this Friday to sew back some ripped ligaments to fractured elbow/knee bone, as well as clear out some bone chips. Then she'll have to recuperate for 6-8 weeks with a cast and that most dreaded Medieval torture instrument known to both dogs and cats as: "Elizabethan Collar"!

Ugh. But may the little one soon be haunting la casa again, clearing out those country insects from el interior...:

This all relates to po-biz, of course, since the cat didn't have health insurance. The costs of her surgery, therefore, will be a major sacrifice -- MAJOR SACRIFICE! -- for the poetry world. That is, Meritage Press will have to publish one less book this year. That's the problem with money -- it's fungible (as an aside to Washington politicians, the polis does understand the fungibility of money so cut the crap. Anyhoo...).

Nonetheless, Moi has more than enough poetic love with which to swaddle the entire planet. Despite the kitty-caused setback, Meritage Press is still scheduled to publish four books in 2010: one anthology, two first books, and another poetry collection. I actually think that's a hefty output for a one-and-a-half person press ran by a blind peep.

Moronic poetry economics: so fragile a cat's meow could topple it.

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