Saturday, January 23, 2010


Remember when I said Artemis' injury wreaked financial havoc on the poetry world by causing me to drop one book from Meritage Press' financial budget? Well, it looks more like it'll have to be two books. Here are the x-rays of Artemis' leg -- note the joints the surgeons placed around her elbow:

Well, thing is, the cat also has to return weekly to the hospital for about six weeks worth of massage and therapy. So when I calculate the therapy's cost, there go another poetry book evaporating from Meritage Press' future ... hmmm: if someone(s) want to help defray the impact of Artemis' injury, you could always buy all or as many of Meritage Press' fabulous books.

Moronic poetry economics -- to use a cat's injury to market poetry books. No purring in this post -- just sighs.

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