Saturday, November 14, 2009


Well, I never thought I'd be nominated for BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES!

That's right -- short stories. [Pause for HUGE GRIN! Scratch that: Pause for HUGE CACKLE before she slips offa her chair and lands on the floor as she's laughing so hard...]

Thank you to the editors of Cerise Press -- that be Sally Molini, Karen Rigby, Greta Aart -- for nominating SILK EGG, my mischievous prose poem-turned-novel and now turned-short story for its briefness.

SILK EGG, by the way, is the title novel for a larger manuscript entitled SILK EGG: COLLECTED NOVELS. I've been too busy to work to submit novels from this manuscript, but the first and only other novel to be published from it is NOVEL CHATELAINE. The whole thing just makes Moi purrrrrr.......

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