Thursday, October 02, 2008


The Peeps have spoken! Beneath my CAMPAIGN POSTER, you will see comments supporting Gura Michelle for Vice President. Part of Michelle's sparkling qualifications HERE!

I'll just emphasize -- Moi don't mean to fear-monger (yeah, right), but the gal who can take down three big, burly men with one hand notes that she can also use a rifle to take down the terrorists threatening our Empire, but she don't need no bullets. Can Sarah claim that?

More recently, she's been weaponing beautiful fans. I can't access YouTube from the mountain but you can check out my V.P. running mate at:

where's she's the one with the blue fan while her sister fans the red one. It's a much lovelier vision than what will be inflicted on the universe tonight by would-be V.P.s Biden vs. Palin.

Last but not least: do as John Bloomberg-Rissman does. If I happen to drive by your casa and you don't have my CAMPAIGN POSTER speared atop your lawn, I will send my V.P. after you. Kapischkie?!