Friday, July 25, 2008


I continue to be swamped but, this evening, managed to hit an art gallery for the first time in months....if not over a year! That's a long dry spell for Moi if you know the Chatelaine. Anway, I stopped by Queens Nail Annex as it was opening up its latest exhibit: "Estacion Odesia", part of the Yerba Buena Center for The Arts Bay Area Now 5 exhibit.

And at Queens Nail Annex, I "discovered" (that is, this artist has been around but I'd not stumbled across her until tonight) Aurie Ramirez doing these brilliant drawings that deconstruct/de-masculinize KISS. Remember rock band KISS of long-tongued men? Anyway, her drawings are brilliant, and then Julio Cesar Morales, the director of the gallery when he's not off being brilliant on his own as an artist, mentioned that Aurie Ramirez happens to be Filipino. Purrr-fect. As I happen to be putting together a subset of Filipino artists within the overall art collection.