Monday, December 31, 2007


Moi am the veritable busy bee. But never busy enough to say THANK YOU. I thank you all for being here...and thank Ernesto as well for my 2007 Poetry Award (grin) -- ye Divine Intervention Award:

And now, speaking of Divine Interventions and awards, among the projects on my cluttered desk is the next Meritage Press publication:

DISAPPOINTED PSALMS by Brian Clements, recipient of Meritage Press' Colombia Poetry Gift (which was co-judged with Sandy McIntosh).

Here's an excerpt from DISAPPOINTED PSALMS' book description -- hope it makes you salivate to read it in early 2008!
After years of working exclusively in the prose poem, Brian Clements shifts in Disappointed Psalms to short bursts, in turns raw and lyrical, that turn the languages of war and religion, so frequently aligned, against themselves. Combining short phrases from The Book of Psalms and catch phrases from the post-9/11 cultural reservoir with Clements's own lamentations on lost faith, these short poems and the litany that closes the book, like all the best political poems, attempt to wrest the ability to make meaning from the hands of spin doctors, liars, dissemblers, and would-be builders of empire.

May the Empire pay more attention to Justice in 2008. Peace, Peeps.

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