Monday, November 19, 2007


I've just updated the stats for Galatea Resurrects (GR), including the soon-forthcoming 8th issue (hoping to release it later this week). These numbers are so impressive that I must impress you with them. In its two years of existence, GR has provided 405 new reviews of various poetry projects, encompassing the book, the chapbook, the blog, the video, the CD and the performance troupe.

GR's reviews cover works put out by 207 publishers, in addition to one blog, one poetry CD and four poetry videos. Also presented are 48 reviews reprinted from print publications and given a previously-unavailable online presence.

The reviewed publishers are based all over the world. Publishers' headquarters reside in the United States, England, Ireland, Canada, Switzerland, Colombia, Mexico, Philippines, Australia, Wales, South Africa, Germany, Japan and, of course, the internet. LIST OF REVIEWED PUBLISHERS HERE.

Given the predominance of one review per publisher, any publisher receiving 5 or more reviewers is doing great. Here are the publishers who've been covered at least five times:

Meritage Press --26
Dusie --20
Marsh Hawk Press --18
Ugly Duckling Presse --14
Coffee House Press --12
BlazeVOX Books --8
Hanging Loose Press --7
effing press --6
Moria Poetry --6
Salt Publishing --7
Otoliths --6
Auguste Press --6
No Tell Books --5
Presa :S: Press --5
Spuyten Duyvil --5

One can glean some conclusions, if one wishes, from these stats. For example, the majority of reviewed books are chosen by the reviewers themselves -- so these publishers, one can argue, are putting out works that are of interest to many.

Note, the preponderance of "indie publishers."

Of course, skewing these stats is that many of the books chosen for review come from GR's Available Review Copy List. Of the 405 new reviews, 257 were generated from review copies made available to GR. So if you are a publisher/author, you should seriously send us your review copies -- they are not likely to just sit in some ignored slush pile.

Anyway, I leave other conclusions to y'all. I just wanted to NUMBER atcha!

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